As I’m dancing to the music that’s playing in the background, swaying my hips slowly, deftly, and intensely, I begin to feel my mind and spirit fly away. I’m getting lost in my moves and in the music. Dancing helps me lose control. Lets me rid myself of my everyday fears, just for a little while.  Every so often I come down from this high and this time I notice that I am not alone. There’s another here with me. Watching me intensely. I feel his eyes covering my every curve. wishing he could touch me. Kiss me. Take me in to his embrace. Noticing him I start to dance more freely. This time I’m dancing for him. Slowly I take my hands and caress my own body as if it was priceless gold.

We lock eyes and a sly smirk glides across my face. This connection is so strong. Its been that way since we first met; how he smiles and how he looked at me like he was amazed and in awe of me. Smiling so big, because I am enjoying myself, I ask him if he wants to dance with me.
“I don’t dance.” he says With a voice that makes me tremble.
“Oh please, everybody dances. or you don’t know how.” I reply. He smiles as if I had just read his mind. I’m not taking no for answer, so I pull him off the chair and bring him to the floor. I’m laughing because he looks clueless but it’s too cute. He makes me giggle. Then he smiles that smile again and I get a rush. I pull him to me. we’re close. very close. Everything is Clearer and brighter. So intense.

I break away from the pull that’s aching inside me. I start moving my hips. Winding them side to side while grinding on him. Taking his hands I place them on my hips, bolts of electricity sings through my body. I turn to face him. Our eyes meet again and everything around us just disappears. All I’m seeing is him. Those eyes. I feel like im flying.  Its getting too hot to fast so I try an evasive maneuver and get out of this hold, but somehow we made our way to the wall. I’m pinned down. Nowhere to run. His arms wrap around my waist and the bolts get stronger. The music fades and all I hear is a sweet, sweet  melody from my heart. And we kiss. Explosions and Fireworks and Destruction is everywhere. Pure chaos. My insides clings to the idea of us. My heart is in overdrive. My body tingles. My mind is having eruptions. And for the first time in forever I get this feeling that everything is Right. Gravity no longer bounds me. us. we’re afloat. I am in his embrace like its been a long time coming.

The kiss is over to quick for my liking. I stare at him. Amazed and in awe. He reciprocates. We’re breathing heavily and my body is singing with joy. I hear his heart beating and look down to his chest. He follows me. I place my hand where his heart is, not expecting him to put his hand on top of mine and we just stand there staring at each other. Taking in each other.  Someone walks in from the Balcony and all too damn soon the feeling is over. He’s no longer holding me. Touching me. But he’s staring at me. He looks so surreal at this moment. His hand touches his lips where our kiss lingers. He’s looks confused and in shock. Glad I’m not the only one. I sit down on the couch while my mind comes back to me. He sits directly next to me. The connection between us is so tangible that I could bottle it up and save it. I look at him and he looks at me. We’re no longer alone but we might as well be. I smile because his eyes tell me more than I should know but still there’s a mystery. This is not over. This is just beginning.

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