Darkest Secret

I want you.

I don’t know if it’s just physical

Or something so much more

But I want you.

 You excite me

 In every way

 You poison my dreams

 With the sweetest of things

 You ignite my burning core

 All the while it scares me

 I want you,

 Like the birds need to fly,

 Like the open skies magnetic calling,

 I want you.

 You sing a sweet melody

 And my heart listens clearly

 You could have your way with me

 But I fight the urge to let you

 You told me that you wanted me

 And I didn’t understand

 But now you’re the only thing that’s playing in my head.

 I want you.

 Like I never wanted someone before.

 Like every human needs air to breathe.

 I want you.

 You’re like a dream that somehow became my reality

 Adventure should be your name because there’s a mystery around your every corner

 You call to me like the open skies magnetic calling.

 You sing to me a sweet, sweet melody

 And my heart unwillingly listens clearly

 You could have you way with me but i fight the urge to let you

 I want you, I want you

 And that’s what scares me, but it also excites me.

 I want you.

 I want you.

 I want you…

 Do you still want me…?

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