Darkness That Creeps … Once Again

I can feel it coming.
So slowly
As if it was trying to build suspense
It’s an unpleasant feeling
Makes you feel alone
I’ve been in this Darkness
Sometime before
To feel like an invisible peace of dust
Like there’s no point in living
Completely warns you out
When you put up a fight
And it’s not an easy one
To put everything you have
And then lose in the end
To feel much more sensitive
So more pain can enter
Simple, but funny jokes that friends might say
Hurts oh so slightly
To cover how you really feel
Is a battle already?
To any happiness whatsoever
This Darkness that creeps so slowly
Makes you angry,
It want you to feel pain
To feel nothing but pain
To feel alone, to end all hope
It’s a blood sucking leech
But instead of draining blood
It drains life
To feel like you can’t cry to anyone
Can’t confide to someone
To find no door of light.
It blinds your sight,
With tears of unbearable pain
It covers your eyes with black sheets of cold lonely ice
At first it’s thin, then it’s thicker
And thicker, until you’re totally and completely consumed
This Darkness causes pain in your heart
But the pain is unusual
It’s not the works of a heart-attack
It’s like losing someone you love
On repeat
Makes you feel abandoned
Makes you weak in the knees
I hide this Darkness from everyone I know
And the sad thing is
This Darkness, whose name is invincible to me
A never ending sickness
Makes me want to die
Something I would NEVER wish
But even then
This Darkness creeps on me
Once again.

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