The Past

When your past reunites with your future, but it wasn’t the first time it happened. Albeit, every time it did you think okay maybe third times the charm and your heart gets all giddy, without your consent and everything just feels light, then your floating but then you see that there’s nothing more but a friendship. So being a good friend you do the unbiased action to stay “Just a Friend” that you somehow feel a sharp pain because the reality is they were long over you, you just weren’t quite over them. Somehow they just show up in your life because maybe they just need to be around a friendly face.

You don’t want to admit it but it hurts like hell. You can’t necessarily do anything about it because it feels selfish, so there’s only one thing to do, finally let go of them and be there for them when they need you. No matter how much chaos is going on in that heart.

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