Warriors of Love

hly warrior of light animated by christopher stokesFalling in love is what we all do. It’s apart of this fantasy that we all watched as young children. Those fairy tales with the prince and princess, it’s all we know. Some of us don’t need to be in love or to at least experience love because they see it as a way to rebel against the common man or women. The ones who do get the chance to experience love, especially more than once, see the magic behind falling in love. It’s like a clarity that only comes when you’ve reached the edge of the cliff and see that marvelous view. Some of us float, most of us fall and the fall could seem or be endless. It’s believing that this idea or ideal of “Love” is actually the fairytale. It’s actually the magic that we all hear about. There’s magic in everything. You may not be able to see it but it’s when you feel it that you see it, that you know it.

To me, people seem to forget about the magic of it all, even the pain. It’s when we fall to hard, too long and too fast that we smash into the ground. All we feel is cold. The air around us is arctic. It’s a darkness that seems impossible to overcome. It’s almost human. Makes the hair on our skin rise. It makes the water forming in our eyes fall heavy and endless. It takes away the rainbow of colors that we saw when we looked out the window. Internally, it feels like it kills you. Slowly draining you. Your heart takes longer to beat. And you have to, sometimes catch your breath. Your stomach twists and turns, sometimes you want to throw up. As this dark shadow lays over you all you want to do is cry and wish for the pain to go away. Some of us take matters in our own hands. Self-harm becomes evident. The silver lining is the edge of the blades calling for you. I have my own opinions on Self-Harm; Don’t let any pain or anyone make you its fool. Don’t let it win you over. We are all stronger than we can possibly imagine.

It’s when we finally make it out of that darkness, that some off us, never try or let Love find us again. We give up, just like that, because the first time was the lesson learned. Others get right back on that cloud and  we start again. It’s not that we’re crazy or daredevils, well the daredevil part maybe, but it’s the fact that the other half of us that gets back on that ride again part of our conscience remembers the magic that Love has. Even the pain. We remember that sweet sensation that vibrated all through us. Of course, we remember what it felt like to get our heart-broken but its the thrill and the magic of it all. No matter if we’re the ones who falls fast, Love to hard, or get hurt, we still survive.

To those who do give up, don’t. Don’t let the past make your heart feel wary of getting hurt or experiencing the magic that is Love and Pain. Use that past, that knowledge gained, to protect it, but don’t confuse that with encasing your heart in a tight jar behind a barricade of walls drenched in pain. Be a Jane Bond, be a Warrior of Love. Don’t rush into it, just take what you’ve been through and use it, because the pain only does one thing if you let it, Makes Us Stronger.

I want to thank an AMAZING friend of mine–Xion Outlaw. Whatever she goes through, she always comes out on top. Sometimes she does fall, we are not invincible, even though we wish we could be. She inspired this piece and I couldn’t be more proud than to let her know that I do listen and I am always here, if it be her or someone else that needs advice. God Bless.

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