Mine – FantasyLand

His firm hands caressing my voluptuous body makes my stomach tighten. “YOU’RE MINE.” he whispers and my knees tremble with fear and excitement. Knowing this goes against the rules and I’ll be brutally punished, I turn to face the eyes that see’s through to my soul and push him against the wall so hard that it vibrates. He smiles his all captivating smile and the seductive rebel in me smiles back. “YOU’RE MINE,” I whisper in his ear, while delivering the sweetest of kisses down his neck. I feel his muscles clench at the sound of my demand and without warning his hands are wrapped around my waist, within seconds he lifts me up, giving me the freedom to wrap my legs tightly around him.

He slams me into the wall and ravenously takes me as His. His kisses, soft, then aggressive, makes me dive deeper into this high he has awakened for me. He grabs my perky breasts and takes them both into his lovely mouth. I moan as the sting of his biting sends a sweet sensation to my soaking pussy. He seems pleased with the mercy of my moans, only to make him bit harder, suck harder. He wants me to know that I am his. And I am. I moan louder and louder, squirming in his hold. So much pain, yet so much pleasure. Where did this man come from. As much as he doesn’t want to admit it he’s just as much Mine as I am His. With each sting I get wetter and wetter. I’ll be a waterfall soon and he hasn’t even started yet.

The ache in my stomach gets stronger and stronger, all I want is for him to penetrate me long, hard and deep; only cause I know he’ll do it that way. His hold loosens and one hand finds my bare all-exposed drippin’ pussy and rubs her ever so lightly. My breathe hitches at the contact. My pussy throbs in mercy because she wants him. All I want is his finger to go inside me. I want his finger to fuck me into oblivion. He smiles his ever so sexy satisfactory smile, “Mmm..I love when you’re already ready for me. when you’re aching for me.” he says, his voice broken and deep. pleasure takes a hold of me. I’m disoriented. I can’t think straight. “Good Girl” he whispers like he’s just as ready as I am for him to devour me. And she throbs at the sound of his appreciation and hunger for me…

Preview to my book “FantasyLand” by Al’Nysa S. Goodwin                                        Collection of Erotic Short Stories.

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