I Just Wanna Write


I just wanna write.

Out of everything I’ve known,

I just wanna write.

It, no Write is a gift, my gift.

Write is my freedom.

My light when it’s dark.

Write is beyond my passion.

Write is the blood in the my veins,

The rhythm of my beating heart,

The strength of my weakened muscles,

The excitement of my being.

I just wanna write.

Write keeps my mind clear

I free my mind

From darkness that creeps

With disturbing and insidious agendas

Write makes my hearts words be known

She lets me speak what I can not

I say again

Write is beyond my passion

She is a delicate rose blooming farther out

A sunset with pink or fire sky

She is the beauty of the Northern Lights

She can be cold as the Arctic ice

She can breathless speechless like the top of Mount Everest

She is me as me is her

She is war, love, hurt, beauty, dreams

She is death, hate, regret, devious

She is human

From the writers mind


All I want to do

All I need to do

I just wanna write

When there’s no end

Beyond my after-life

I just wanna write.

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