Realm of Passion

He’s staring at me, with his eyes glistening in the candlelight. The room is foggy with our anticipation. I stare at his perfect body as the art tells a story. I reach to touch this Adonis sitting before me, “No,” he says voice deep and in full control of my pleasure. “I never said you could touch.” I bit my bottom lip so hard that it might have started bleeding but who cares my attention is where it needs to be. He smiles as I begin to retreat but my patience gets the best of me and I make contact with his chest. My hands caress every piece of skin, adoring it, taking it all in. This man has me under his complete control. I am star struck. Barely breathing I get closer, I need him, his skilled hands caressing me, going over every curve like I am a dream, like he could wake up at any moment. And before I can get my thoughts somewhat straight his lips are pressed against mine-silk on fire. His lips, soft like I knew they were, sends volts down my spine, his tongue dances with mine and this kiss elevates us to new dimensions. His hands find my perky breasts which are aching for his very touch, his lips detach from mine too soon and make the sweetest of kisses down my neck and my Goosebumps appear sending chills down my spine. It’s like he’s playing with my chakras and I have no air to disagree. He fines my breasts again and takes them into to his beautiful mouth. I moan softly, my nipples harden letting him know that I want him as much as he wants me. His tongue dances with them and I fall back on to the bed; he follows and bits as I fall sending me even higher in this dimension.

I whimper a moan and he bits again and again. His kisses begin to travel down my stomach, slow and anticipating. Knowing he’s teasing my patience I giggle and he follows with a beautiful smile that all but makes me melt. My skin is pure lava and it’s all because of him. I moan louder as the sweet sensation of his bit on my inner thigh make my pussy throb with pain and pleasure. I dig my nails into his shoulders not knowing what else to do; he got me ready to explode and he isn’t even inside me yet. It’s like he knows my body, my mind and my spirit that he gives and does everything that I dreamed. Like my holy trinity speaks to him. My breathe hitches as he kisses her. Oh my god. Where did this man come from? I could care less what dimension I am in cause I know he could take me pass all dimensions. Another kiss sends the sweetest sensation through my body. He’s driving me completely insane; past insanity. Shit! Sex with him is everything I look forward to. I daydream about it. He branded his mark onto my brain. I grip the sheets as his tongue dances with my clit. As he skillfully plays my body like the prodigious virtuoso I know he is. The pleasure puts me in overdrive as his tongue does all the damage to me that he wants. My head starts to spin out of control and my body feels like its floating in midair but he doesn’t slow down, his skillful tongue gets faster and faster and faster and even though I don’t want to, he pushes my body to the point of no return and everything explodes. The world is set to fire and ice. He smiles knowing that he has full control of me.

This high seems to be endless, but I gather my thoughts because now I know what I want-Him; all of him. All of his thickness and thrusts and passion and pleasure as it consumes us both. I grab him and push him down. It’s my turn. I sit atop of the glorious sight of his pulsing penis as it awaits and yearns for my wetness, for my tightness, for what is already claimed as his. He fills me and a moan slips out of the both of us. He feels so good and I could just imagine how I feel for him. I begin to ride him, up and down, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. My moans grow louder and his follow. He grabs me and brings me down to him, holds me tightly, his arms are like steal around my body and it only makes me want more. He begins to thrust upward into me as deep as he can go, as if he could go even deeper. Pleasure obliterates me and sends me out of the cosmic design. We are floating in the infinite sea of time and space, in the Unknown. And even here it all explodes as we succumb to all that passion, pleasure and pain can offer. My body trembles as if I was having a seizure. He moans the deepest moan I’ve ever heard and even though I am in complete epiphany I want more. He loosens his grip of me and pulls me to his lips and kisses me softly, “Where did you come from?” he whispers his breathing heavy. I smile, “I told you, I am not of this world.” He smiles and kisses me again and we lay in the realm of our passion.

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