The Search

Am I suppose to be what everyone else wants me to be? who they want me to be with? Do I not get the choice on my own? People say they understand me or atleast they seem to try too, but the opinions or suggestions they give sometimes takes a toll on me and how I see and think of life. My life. I try not to let it but the thoughts will always linger. There are so many Rights and Wrongs in society today that you never really know whats Right or whats Wrong. Its not Black and White anymore, I’m not sure if it ever really was. There’s Grey areas and Red areas or whatever other color you can think of. The whole “Living for yourself” can be a load of Bull because what you think is right can indefinitly be wrong. Its an Ribikse all on its own. Now I’m not saying that all of it is a Grey area; like commiting murder or robbing someone, things that go against the Laws. Those are Black and White. Simple. It’s just nowadays I’m not sure whats right or wrong. And I dont care. I guess living for yourself will always be a Right. It’s taken me years to learn that and I’m still learning and I am going to still learn. There’s no greater pleasure than searching for ones self. (well maybe there is some other great pleasure but this goes on that list.)Β 

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