Price of Love

I never wanted to be in this deep. I never wanted him to mean a thing. Yet the moment he touched me all the strength that I had, all the logic and control I knew slowly melted as he corrupted all that was pure. I knew his unspoken truth: SEX, he was really after was my body but because of my lack of control I gave him my mind and my spirit. I gave him all of me. Knowing I knew better, I just couldn’t walk away. He’d sunk his teeth in me and his poisons burned through all that I knew. He had set a raging fire in my heart that was excruciatingly beautiful. I wanted more. And more is what he gave.

His fingers were magic. When they touched my skin my blood became lava, my heart raced faster than the speed of light, and it was as if it was freefalling and never-ending; a burning comet. My bones trembled beneath me making it hard to stand still, let alone stand up. His touch was my imminent death, my true weakness. When his lips searched my body with the lightest touch a quick burst of coolness raised the hairs on my skin, cooling off the fire that was suffocating me but only for a few moments. Weak in hands, he knew I was his. I never wanted him to stop when I truly knew I did. It was like I was awake and sleep at the same time. My conscience was trying to bring me back but she couldn’t. He had me right where he needed me.

Sex was the toping on cake. He knew my body and what she liked and disliked and that drove me wild. I never had to speak, never had to direct. He played my body like one of his mundane instruments: A virtuoso in disguise. When he thrust his thickness inside of me, the world I knew exploded. With he each thrust a new world exploded. A wide variety of colors, the most beautiful sight of fire took me deeper into his trap. I was his prisoner helpless under his very touch.

With every session weakness consumed me. When he was gone all I wanted was him. All I dreamed about was him. All I needed was him. But when he was gone, even though his poison intertwined with my blood, my mind tried to tell me to run! Tried to tell me to run screaming and never look back. This was a trap. Obviously I didn’t listen. There was no way that this man could be so devious and heartless. But that was his poisons talking for me. I was at war with myself. It drove me insane. Until the day darkness broke through all the light I had been surrounded in. It was artic cold and lonely; an abyss of nothing. Which is worse than anything.

He was gone. He had got all he needed, all he wanted and threw me away like all his other victims. That fire he started turned on me and began to freeze all of me. My heart went hollow, slowly letting pain and realization puncture me. I was bleeding internally. He was nowhere to be found; vanished from my world. But his poisons were all I had left of him as well as the memories. I wish I had never seen his face. I wish that he never saw me. Hate grows within me but his poison inevitably corrupts me. And I wanted more and more is what he gave. He took with him all that I was; the price of Love.

Be careful what you ask for.

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