“Passion Triggers”

…I was pretty stunned myself. Intoxicated by the richness of the widely divergent cultures I had recently visited, Kirk’s provocative words and the racy idea of proud scratch marks, I was suddenly transported back to the wildness and abandon of that moment in the car. I could taste Kirk’s desire as it mixed with the blood in my veins. And in the grip of some delicious oblivion, I felt myself slide across an invisible border, where I slipped on the role of love priestess like a new silk shirt. Suddenly I had access to a vast and ancient catalog of secret tricks. My bones simply knew what to do. Sex was dancing me.

–Olivia St. Claire

Every women had a modern-day Aphrodite that lies deep within. It’s escaping the prudent boundaries that we and society set ourselves. Sex is a spiritual and deeply invigorating act where we become one–At least to me it is. Lose yourself and let go of those pointless boundaries because sex all about exploring. The face that it’s overrated and regarded and nothing less just makes it even better. We women are the most dangerous creatures known to man.. wouldn’t you agree.

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