Closed Mouth won’t get Fed

Hello Universe,

I don’t like to ask people for anything. I never liked to ask people for anything of sorts. Is that bad? It sickens me. I’m sure there’s probably a word for the category of people like me. I wonder.. Anyway, I guess I feel like I can help myself; if I put my mind to it; I can do anything. I shouldn’t have to ask someone, including my mother. I just feel like it’s being lazy. Is that bad?. I feel like we as human can amount to so many things. Our potential is unfathomable. I feel like we’re playing. These are just my thoughts. Then, there’s the realistic side where we are just beings. Nothing special about it, about Us, meant to live until it’s time to go. Hm.. I really am both sides of a coin; someone once told me that.. Like being day and night.

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