† A Beautiful Masterpiece ♥

I over sleep a lot.
Yes, I eat a lot and I’m telling you this.
I am lazy and yes I’d rather be in my bed asleep.
I trip on my own two feet cause’ I’m not looking like I should be
I don’t take break ups to well and I hate talking about myself.
I’ve always tried to be whats in those magazines,
then it came to me, I am beautiful just the way that I am.

I’m beautiful mess
A beautiful mess..

I contradict myself a lot
I hate to ask for help; I figure I can do it.
I’m stubborn minded and fickle-hearted, I’m never sure of my choices, sometimes.
I really am too lazy but I try not to be, it’s really hard for me.
I am the queen of procrastination and hate too much attention.
I’d rather be behind the scenes, where no one sees me.
But I am still beautiful.

I’m a Beautiful mess
A beautiful mess..

I tend to talk a lot.
I can forget a lot and I’m always all over the place.
I have an anxious heart and depressive thoughts
and I prefer to be in my own space.
I can be anti-social but I have a smile that could light up a room.
and I’m still beautiful..

I’m a beautiful mess..
A Beautiful Masterpiece.

©Al’Nysa S. Goodwin

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