Loves’ Sour Spoils

He says that he.
I hear the words, but I only.
Hear the words, I do not believe
Oh the memories from my past
renders me
incapable of letting someone love me
But his consistency and persistence
threatens this cocoon
placed my.
fragile heart in.
let me be.
He constantly says he loves me.
Threatens me with kindness and patience
Calls me beautiful
not for selfishness
but of genuine hearted-ness
oh, he will not let me.
and I see.
Yes! I see that he loves me
but I am blinded by my own past memories.
I will not be a fool in hands, I will not let myself fall for this.
Smooth trickery?
but He constantly shows he
Loves Me.
Until the day I believe
Will I ever believe
Without a single doubt.
Clouding me?
How long will he love.

(C) Al’Nysa S. Goodwin

One thought on “Loves’ Sour Spoils

  1. Absolutely love it…keep it up best sellers coming soon ..keep it up beautiful….Praise to the Most High. …so proud of you. ..

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