Why Do I Write?

I tend to ask myself this question on a regular basic; Why do I write? Every time the response seems different. I write because it’s me. I write to express. I just write. Then there are the other parts that I don’t talk about, like how hard it can be sometimes. So many think that it comes so easy to me to be able to make up stories or just simple express myself in verse, but it’s hard work. I hate having to force myself to write because it seems like nothing comes out right. I like for things to flow. Writing involves a lot of discipline, something that I lack just a bit. I want to write everyday, I feel that I could have tremendous growth if I did. I know I would. It’s just so difficult at times when life takes control.

But then I think, what if I couldn’t write anymore, and panic arises. This motivates me to remember my true love for writing. If I couldn’t express myself through words, there would be chaos from the inside out. I think way too much about everything and everyone. My mind moves faster than I can truly keep up, writing slows it all down, for just a moment when I can get some understanding before she speeds back up once more. So I write, because it bring joy to my soul and a calmness to my spirit. Because “there is a voice within me that will not be still” -Sylvia Plath

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