There’s voice inside of me who cannot be caged
No one can make you feel something without your consent.
The Blame Game is a Famous Game
Manipulation is a party favor
self inventory is feared upon
The Spirit is real, minus those who are still asleep
Truth is blurred
Hope is a dream
people are lost
Love still exists, but few remembers
there’s good in some places,
Mistakes are made
Growth is uncertain for those who listen.
Faith is dying
The world is falling
Unity is an outsider
Corruption is breakfast, lunch and dinner
people are toys
money is power
The world is falling
The world is falling
Fear is evident
Chaos is luxury
unity is an outsider
Love is the answer, but no one remembers–
Corruption is
..Things I’ve Learned in 23 years..

In response to Everyday Inspiration by The Daily Post: Day Two : Write a List.

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