ღ HOPE ღ

She wasn’t like any women you have ever seen, she was different. I know it’s a cliché, but she was. She was dealt a life with its own trials and tribulations, which was no different from any other life. When I say she was different, I don’t mean her circumstance, I mean Her. There was a grace about her. Her essence hummed and it resonated with everything she touched or even looked at, but she wanted to stay hidden; to remain unseen by all who sees. For the most part she remained unseen, but there were a few who saw her grace. If she smiled, there it was. If she looked at you, it was as clear as day. She cared for people in a way that doesn’t exist anymore. So when she looked at you, she saw you. For the few that have seen her, all wondered why she wanted to hide. After a while she forgot why she wanted to hide but still, she remained hidden.

As the years flew by her Grace grew stronger and she was luminous. It was hard for her to stay hidden and that didn’t scare her as much as it did before. She would laugh freely, be playful, with those close to her. Her grace grew so strong that she was revealing herself to her. She spoke with pure kindness. She laughed at herself, which took years for that to happen. She was always an ear to listen, a heart to understand, and when she understood, it wasn’t like anything you thought you knew. She had a gift for understanding. Anyone who ever needed her, no matter what she was going through, there she was. She was the Wise One, the advice that came from her, was individual only. By that I mean, it was strategically structured in the that it was delivered that you never thought a door would be open, or that it existed.

Her grace blossomed even more. She had another, the gift to inspire. She could inspire you to do things beyond what you could even imagine. Inspiration surrounded her, and those who saw her, all they could do was stare in awe and respect her. Her intentions were always translucent, she had no ulterior motives. She had the gift of Sight, so when she saw you, she saw who you’ll be. She saw potential in its rarest form. She saw passion and she inspired. Her Grace, now fully bloomed, was Hope. Those who wanted to dream bigger, would remember her and the words she spoke. For them, she was Hope. But for her, they were her Hope; a vision, a promise of a better place.

In response to “Everyday Inspiration” by The Daily Post Day Three: One-Word Inspiration.

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