My Newest Journey

Lately, I have been wanting to talk about Journey, you know the travel from one destination to another and another for a final end. But the words weren’t all right, so I figured it just wasn’t time, I had to sit and let life happen.

We all change, we grow, becoming more of who we’re meant to be. We go through the horrific patches that seem endless and repetitive, but that’s only because some of us, well most of us, are hardheaded and refuse to listen to the wise voice that tells us only the truth. So we constantly and consistently run place until we have had enough and then a new journey begins.

We are all afraid of change. We hate what we cannot control, we fear what we do not understand or what we don’t know. Your life is a journey,  change will happen regardless, you can either run in place and hate the world for changing or you can grow with the world or beyond it. The choice is truly yours.

My newest journey took me by the gut. I was angry at the world but mostly I was angry at myself. I felt so ashamed and disgusted by my actions,  because I knew better. I went through hell and high waters. This was not apart of my plan and could have done what was necessary to avoid any bumps of any kind. I resented everything about myself and I was fearful for myself. this new journey was untraveled waters. I was in a deep spiral. I felt that my dreams were a thing of my past, I had completely thrown them away like a favorite pair of shoes; unreplaceable.

I even tried ignoring these emotions but that only made everything so much worse. I was feeling selfish because it was suppose to be about me and only me. Then finally, I called to Jesus and in a heartbeat he was there. I felt everything I was feeling like I was supposed to, I needed to acknowledge these emotions going on. This new and frightening journey will take me far beyond who I am.

This will give me everything that I have ever asked for; Courage, to do the impossible, Inspiration, where the rivers run without end and Purpose, an intense reason for my being, where I can pour all of who I am without fear. Where I can grow above and beyond my wildest dreams; emotionally and mentally. Where my dreams weren’t thrown away like an old pair of shoes, but revived and revamped. My newest journey, Motherhood, will be my best one yet.

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