ღ HOPE ღ

She wasn’t like any women you have ever seen, she was different. I know it’s a cliché, but she was. She was dealt a life with its own trials and tribulations, which was no different from any other life. When I say she was different, I don’t mean her circumstance, I mean Her. There was a grace about her. Her essence hummed and it resonated with everything she touched or even looked at, but she wanted to stay hidden; to remain unseen by all who sees. For the most part she remained unseen, but there were a few who saw her grace. If she smiled, there it was. If she looked at you, it was as clear as day. She cared for people in a way that doesn’t exist anymore. So when she looked at you, she saw you. For the few that have seen her, all wondered why she wanted to hide. After a while she forgot why she wanted to hide but still, she remained hidden.

As the years flew by her Grace grew stronger and she was luminous. It was hard for her to stay hidden and that didn’t scare her as much as it did before. She would laugh freely, be playful, with those close to her. Her grace grew so strong that she was revealing herself to her. She spoke with pure kindness. She laughed at herself, which took years for that to happen. She was always an ear to listen, a heart to understand, and when she understood, it wasn’t like anything you thought you knew. She had a gift for understanding. Anyone who ever needed her, no matter what she was going through, there she was. She was the Wise One, the advice that came from her, was individual only. By that I mean, it was strategically structured in the that it was delivered that you never thought a door would be open, or that it existed.

Her grace blossomed even more. She had another, the gift to inspire. She could inspire you to do things beyond what you could even imagine. Inspiration surrounded her, and those who saw her, all they could do was stare in awe and respect her. Her intentions were always translucent, she had no ulterior motives. She had the gift of Sight, so when she saw you, she saw who you’ll be. She saw potential in its rarest form. She saw passion and she inspired. Her Grace, now fully bloomed, was Hope. Those who wanted to dream bigger, would remember her and the words she spoke. For them, she was Hope. But for her, they were her Hope; a vision, a promise of a better place.

In response to “Everyday Inspiration” by The Daily Post Day Three: One-Word Inspiration.

Sweet Seduction

imagesCADET14CHere I am, standing at his door more afraid that I won’t go through with this. Knowing that once this happens either my fixation or whatever is going on with him will end. But somehow I know that it won’t. I shouldn’t be here. I’m taken. In love in fact. This is wrong. I know it is. I’ve been through this once already and I hurt someone. I can’t do that again, but when I’m with him everything seems lighter and gravity no longer binds me. I get the butterflies that I dreamed about. And when he touches me my skin lights fire. My blood boils and then in my eyes its just us in the room. My breathing is heated. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be here. Repeating this like my mind can trick my heart.  That’s right I’m turning around now. Come on legs, move. No luck and before I can just except that I’m here I impulsively knock on the door. Now its really time to panic. Shit! Okay, okay breathe. Shit!

” Lara, Hey what’s up? What are you doing here?” He says so surprised to see me. Like always.
” Um. Hey Kai. Nothing just didn’t want to be home. It’s to much going on over there.” I lie like its my life that’s on the line. ” So what’s up with you?” I say as I barge in. he laughs that adorable laugh he does when I do something cute or funny. It amazes me that I can have a really good friendship with him feeling the way I feel and still have a relationship. A healthy relationship that is. But still it amazes me, then again its when I’m alone that I really think about him. His eyes, that smile. His touch –
” Ay you okay.” Kai says while laughing at me. I guess my face was getting lost in my thoughts. Damn that’s not good.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Lying is not my best suit and If I don’t say anything now I’ll never know anything. It’s now or never! Say it. Say it. Say it!
” Actually Kai I’m not fine. Or okay. I’m insane.-” Yeah nice start. Insane? ugh. ” I’m.. -um. I’m..” God just say it.

Why can’t I say it. Damnit. I feel tears forming and what’s worst I think he sees the frustration and agony I’m going through. God this shouldn’t be that hard. I live for this shit. And before I fall even deeper in this whole I’m digging for myself, strong hands grab me and soft lips appear on my mine. Bliss feels my body and the world around me. I’m adrift, flying in the wind. He hugs me tighter. Firmer. Kisses me harder. Deeper. My heart constricts then races against the speed of light and my breath is desperately trying to catch up. This feels amazing. His arms around me. Possessively but passionately. His lips feel like silk against mine. Tears are falling, I am in heaven. Sweet Heaven. Too soon the kiss ends and we both come up for air. But I don’t want air I want him. All of him. Staring at those eyes that just makes my soul weep in glory, I get lost in him. Even more than I already am. I’m memorized. The look in eyes tells me that everything I’ve been going through and feeling, I wasn’t alone. But for him it look painful and Beautiful all at the same time and I didn’t have to why.  It was me. I belong to someone else. This was a bad idea. I know it.

” I don’t know what this is between us but believe me you are not alone in it. I can’t help myself. I can’t be alone with you for too long, I’m surprised I lasted this long. I want you Lara. I want all of you.”
” Kai” His lips are back on mine and I fall against my will. We walk hand in hand to the bedroom. Its dim. Just the way I like it. He always keeps a Vanilla candle lit. I love the smell of Vanilla. Its intoxicating. and romantic. A firm hand puts me against the wall and my blood is lava. This kiss, more concupiscent and intense, takes over. He gently kisses me softly on my cheek then down to my neck where I unwillingly welcome him passage. A painful bit sends passionate sensations through my body and I moan. He moans back and my eyes roll to the back of my head. His kisses get stronger and lighter. His hands caressing my body with vehement care and firmness to the touch. First he’s at my perky breasts, which ache for his mighty touch. Then he’s at my stomach, my ass, and of course he grabs at that. This is repeated. His breathy aches in my ear makes me want to erupt. I spin him around and push him on the wall. He blinks rapidly while his brain is playing catching up. My Sex Goddess takes control. He does his crooked smile and I smile seductively. He’s under my control now. This is Heaven.

My perfect utopia with a bow on it. We make our way to the bed. I pull his shirt up while leaving the whispers of my touch in the spot where the fabric of his shirt was. His muscles scream at me causing me to moan slightly, but he heard and smiled back with that crooked, seductive ass smile. His perfect body glistens in the specs of light. I slowly kiss his shoulders, then his pecks. His tattoos make me even higher off of him and we haven’t even started. I gently push him on the bed and step back a little to give him a little show of his own. With soft music playing in the background I slowly begin to sway my hips side to side. While seductively sliding my hands around the contours of my body. Piece by piece my clothing descends. I am naked, dancing for this man and loving ever moment of it. Having his eyes pierce my body each and ever corner takes me higher. I walk to him and he takes me with open hands. His fingers are like warm silk on my body. I run my hands through his head of hair,  he moans. I smile. And without a warning he takes me in his arms firmly and we fall to the bed.

Him on top, I am bound beneath him and I’m not putting up a fight. He’s kissing me and I’m kissing him back we’re lost in each other. His fingers find my bare vagina. He rubs her gently and moans with me. He makes his way down to her kissing my inner thighs. So softly. My patience is getting the best of me. But the tease is amazing. And out of the blue he takes her to his mouth. His tongue dances with my clitoris. So softly, so firmly, so gently. All blood rushes to my head,  my eyes roll to the back of my head. I exceed heaven. His hands grip my thighs as he eats me out passionately. I moan louder. Faster and faster he gets. I feel my body giving into the ravenous sensation. It hurts so good. And I come with well deserved relief, like I’d just won the battle of life. Moaning so loudly I lose myself in the mix of emotions that are spinning around freely. Oh god this is better than I dreamed it would be. My guilty smile makes a presence on my face while I wonder anxiously what sex is going to be like. He moans at my happy moment. He’s happy. He slowly makes his way to my face and to no surprise my juices are around his mouth. I bite my bottom lip because the sight of him right this moment makes me impatient. He smiles as if knowing exactly what I was thinking. wiping his mouth he kisses me. So passionately.

We roll around on the bed until I’m pinned to the bed. He looks at me with this glow in his eyes and my stomach flutters. Without warning he’s inside me. Oh my god! This is amazing! His moaning tells me we are on the same page. I moan louder and louder and louder. His body touching mine he wraps his arms around my waist and squeezes me tightly while speeding up his rhythm. I scream louder and louder. He moans even louder. Oh his moans; what they do to me.. This pleasure , this amorous, intoxicating, ravenous, passionate, well deserved pleasure is driving me wild. I never knew sex could feel this good. But this is not just sex. This is Love. As clear as ever. Love, and before I can come back from my thoughts I feel that intense sensation again. Its building and building. No I don’t want to come just yet. I want to enjoy him longer but my body chooses for me. I come harder and more intense than I’ve ever come before. My body is shaking. And he follows after me. Heat literally is rising off of us. The lingering sweet sensation of him and what he did to me causes my mind to erupt. We lie facing each other. Eye to eye we look in to each others’ and see all that life could be. But this is wrong. Even though it’s so right. This wrong. Right?
My eyes close and my dreams are awaken

Writing – Transcend

Felicity Johns

Cynthia rode quietly for a bit, and Stella sensed she was gathering her thoughts. “You know,” she finally said. “When I’m standing over some broken boy with a flogger in my hand, watching the welts rise on his skin, watching the tears run, the snot, watching him break,… honey, that’s an experience I don’t think there are even words for. But a transcendence of humanity comes pretty fucking close.”

~Stella (a working title)

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Greatest Fear

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”

Nothing but darkness surrounds me. A cool breeze covers me like a thick blanket. A dim light begins to rise as my surroundings become clearer; four walls and a barred window. No way out. There’s a faint tapping sound in a dark corner of the room. I realize then that I am not alone. “Who’s there?” I say trying hard to project toughness, but failing miserably. The tapping stops for just a moment then continues. Panic and fear all but drowns me. I feel the walls caving in around me. “No need to panic Darling’. Relax, take a seat.” a voice says, soft and playful, like this is a game, like I am the game. It’s voice sounds familiar,
“Do I know you?” I ask.
“Would you like to—” it asks, playfully intrigued. I back up to hit the cold hard wall behind me; heart nearing my throat.
“May be, maybe not,” the voice continues. “How ’bout I tell
you a little story. You like stories don’t you.”
I could feel it smiling, knowing something I don’t. My mind is racing, searching for a way out. Hopelessness takes a hold of me when we both realize there’s no way out. I slide down to the cold wooden floor and stare at the snow falling outside the window. In defeat I reply to the malevolent stranger in this prison with me, “What’s the story?”
“Ah, I knew you’d be interested, not that you really have
a choice, Darling child. Hm. Once upon a time,” it giggles. “Sorry,
that gets me every time. Once upon a time, there was
this young, beautiful girl who loved Love and all beautiful
things. She was quite shy, never really spoke much, but over
the years that changed. She grew comfortable in her skin. She fell
in love or what she thought was love, you know how us girls can be.
She got her heart broken numerous amounts of times, but
she still searched for that love she dreamed about. For that feeling that
love brought. Heartache after heartache, she still searched.
Now she was different and everyone who passed her could see it, sense it, feel it.
No matter how much she didn’t want to be noticed, people noticed her. She was the
modest-beauty type. She grew into a beautiful women, with a heart as strong and
a mind as wise, all who witnessed her heart would never be the same–but I mean for someone
so wise and crap, why would you let your heart get broken so many damn times.
Don’t get me wrong, she was no saint, broken a couple hearts herself but what the fuck.
At some point searching just..”
As the playful voice rants on, the story itself seems all too familiar. Me and this girl could be the same person. Staring out at the snow, I wonder if she ever found happiness.
“Darling,” the voice calls, “Listen, the story only gets better from here.
Now as I was saying, before you rudely wandered off in your own thoughts, this young,
beautiful girl yearned for this Love that only she dreamed—up until she met the
man that made it all come true. This man invaded her beautiful little world and made all the flowers bloom and the rainbows shine, made the fires within her heart rise and rise.
Oh this man showed her the love she dreamed was true-”
“How do you know so much about this girl.” I interrupt, panic rising through me once again as this story sounds too familiar. The faceless stranger giggles and the room gets colder. It sighs,
“You shouldn’t interrupt my story, the ending will surprise you, now where was I,
ah yes, he showed her that the love she dreamed did exist. He delivered himself to her
so eloquently, I’ll admit no one could resist such superb Charm and so she fell harder
and harder as the months flew by. She laughed louder and harder. She even sang louder;
the sweet melody that echoed in her heart. Oh, she loved this man and all that he was, ’till one day every thing changed.
Her world began to fall apart as he began to walk away. Piece by piece, her beautiful little world
began to disintegrate to nothing. The flowers that once bloomed vibrantly, withered and died
in the blink of an eye. The rainbows, with all its’ radiant colors, began to fall like teardrops
from the darkened sky. And the burning fires that surrounded her heart in a heap of passion
turned against her, as it slowly burned away her beautiful, delightful heart-”
“Stop it. Stop it!” I scream tears pouring. “Who are you?” I demanded, standing to my feet. The voice laughs once more, “If you haven’t figured it out by now Darling, you should just let me finish the stor-”
“WHO ARE YOU” I interject, voice growing louder in annoyance. This stranger, this place. No sun, no warmth, no light; nothing but darkness. There’s movement in the corner, where the stranger starts to stand.
“That beautiful, vibrant young girl and I have a lot in common.
You see Darling,”
the voice steps into the dim light, purple and blue patches on her skin; scars, open wounds, bruised and broken. I make my way up to her face and I stop breathing all at once, my heart races and my eyes grow wide as I stare at a face that I know so well.
“I am You. I am the Love that dying. I am the Hate. The Anger.
The You that knows no mercy, only Revenge. I am your greatest fear.
The part of you that you’ve imprisoned.”
It. Her. Me? The room begins to spin and all I want to do is sleep and wake up from whatever twisted self-reflection shit this is. I am drawn to the window by the turbulence outside and as I look out, what I thought was snow was really ash. Tears pour down my cheeks as clarity consumes me. I will never truly be free as this darkness swallows me. I realize then, that I will never, ever be the same.

Let Me Love You

“Nigga, I don’t know why but she won’tlet me in.” he says in defeat. “I mean I’ve tried everything I know, and when I think that she believes me, she retracts back into this cocoon she’s built for herself.” He looks up at the dark sky and the glittering stars as if they possess some kind of hope or some answer he needs. “Look, Ty I don’t know what to tell you. I mean, if you love her like you say you do and you see she’s worth it, then keep fighting to reach her. I’m not gone say drop that bitch it aint worth it, cause I ain’t never seen nobody like y’all. I know she love you, errbody ’round here can see it. I know you can too. So nigga fight for her that’s all I can say.” He takes in a deep breath letting his best friends advice sink in. He does love her and he knows she loves him just as much, but for some reason she won’t him in. Left alone he stares at the stars and the fall wind breezes through him. Ty had never loved someone as much as he loved Maya. From the first time he’d seen her four years ago at the Bowling Alley, laughing and not having a care in the world. Her smile is what caught him. How it made him feel like nothing else would suffice. How it made all his own life’s problems just fade into nothing. How when she looked at him he was bound. No girl has ever made him feel like that. He fought it constantly but eventually he knew there was no point. She had slipped into his world like water and never evaporated.

After an hour or so he began to walk. He needed to think. He wanted to know why she was holding back. Why she wouldn’t let him in. He knew someone had hurt her, a lot of someones, and he wanted to know more but she would never continue. He knew from the get go that she was damaged, at least that’s what she says about herself. But he doesn’t see her as damaged. No where near. No matter how many times he tells her she won’t let him in. He couldn’t see himself without her. His world wouldn’t exist. She was his ride or die. His heart was growing tired but he wasnt going to give up on her. He couldn’t. She was his everything. Moments later he somehow found his way in front of her place. He just stood there and happened to see her in the window typing on her laptop. All he could do was smile. She was always clued to that thing writing her thoughts and feelings; which he could never read. But one day he knew he would. And he would wait till that day. No matter how long it took, she would let him in one day.

“..How long will this one stay around? I shouldn’t think like this, not about him. I gotta be honest, he’s different. I’ve never loved someone this hard before. It scares the hell out of me. I can’t afford to get hurt again. I just can’t. I can’t afford to let myself fall indefinitely without a promise, fuck it a promise wouldn’t even work. I am damaged goods. What could he see in me? To him I am his blessing. When really he’s mine. But I’ve been fucked over so many times that when I finally get a good one I can’t love him like the others. And I wanna give him the world. I can’t see myself without him. So I should just let him in like he asks, like he pleads and when I feel the urge to, my heart breaks and fear drenches me in painful memories. He shouldn’t have to suffer for what they did. So why am I torturing him? My guess is when a woman has been wronged so many times it’s all she knows. That’s all I know. And I’m waiting cause eventually he’ll hurt me. But deep down somewhere I know he won’t. So I’m wasting time, his and mine, waiting for nothing. God knows I love him and I hope he stays long enough for me to open up…”

Maya furiously wrote away in her online diary. Her truths, her deepest, most darkest thoughts and feelings were poured out onto the screen of her laptop. Deep down she loved everything about Ty, she was just too afraid to show him and he’d never giving her a reason to be. She looked out the window at cars and people and wished and prayed that she could find the strength she needed to show him that she does love him. That he wasn’t alone. But where was she going to find this strength because wishing and praying had no promise. She knew she would have to truly take those steps to letting him in, but she wasn’t ready. Fear ravenously consumed all of her. No matter how much love she felt for Ty, fear was making her his bitch and she was letting it. She broke down in tears because more than anything all she wanted was for Ty to comfort her. To have his strong arms wrapped around her because that’s where she felt safe. That’s where nothing and no one could penetrate. Though because of how things were between them she knew she had no right to even ask, even though he would be there in a flash if she called. She looked back at her computer and slammed it shut. she couldn’t write anymore.

She laid down on the bed and sobbed in her covers. Why would she do this to someone who truly loved her? How could she? She hated those before that had ruined her. But she hated herself more because she vowed that she would never give up on love and when it finally came around and real this time she had nothing left to give. A knock at her front door stopped her sobs. She got up, walked down the hall, past the bathroom and into the livingroom, “Who is it?” she says, voice wavering and weak. “Open the door baby.” at the sound of Ty’s voice her heart fell into the pit of her stomach. Why was he there she wandered. She wiped her face and unlocked the door. He was against the door way, “What are you-” before she could finish her sentence, his arms were wrapped around her just like she wished and she melted because finally she was safe and sound. He picked her up and took her back to her room, laid her on her bed and he climbed in beside her. He held her in his arms tightly just like she needed. She basked in the warmth of his body, the smell of his cologne and they just laid there in silence wrapped in each other.

To be continued…

Realm of Passion

He’s staring at me, with his eyes glistening in the candlelight. The room is foggy with our anticipation. I stare at his perfect body as the art tells a story. I reach to touch this Adonis sitting before me, “No,” he says voice deep and in full control of my pleasure. “I never said you could touch.” I bit my bottom lip so hard that it might have started bleeding but who cares my attention is where it needs to be. He smiles as I begin to retreat but my patience gets the best of me and I make contact with his chest. My hands caress every piece of skin, adoring it, taking it all in. This man has me under his complete control. I am star struck. Barely breathing I get closer, I need him, his skilled hands caressing me, going over every curve like I am a dream, like he could wake up at any moment. And before I can get my thoughts somewhat straight his lips are pressed against mine-silk on fire. His lips, soft like I knew they were, sends volts down my spine, his tongue dances with mine and this kiss elevates us to new dimensions. His hands find my perky breasts which are aching for his very touch, his lips detach from mine too soon and make the sweetest of kisses down my neck and my Goosebumps appear sending chills down my spine. It’s like he’s playing with my chakras and I have no air to disagree. He fines my breasts again and takes them into to his beautiful mouth. I moan softly, my nipples harden letting him know that I want him as much as he wants me. His tongue dances with them and I fall back on to the bed; he follows and bits as I fall sending me even higher in this dimension.

I whimper a moan and he bits again and again. His kisses begin to travel down my stomach, slow and anticipating. Knowing he’s teasing my patience I giggle and he follows with a beautiful smile that all but makes me melt. My skin is pure lava and it’s all because of him. I moan louder as the sweet sensation of his bit on my inner thigh make my pussy throb with pain and pleasure. I dig my nails into his shoulders not knowing what else to do; he got me ready to explode and he isn’t even inside me yet. It’s like he knows my body, my mind and my spirit that he gives and does everything that I dreamed. Like my holy trinity speaks to him. My breathe hitches as he kisses her. Oh my god. Where did this man come from? I could care less what dimension I am in cause I know he could take me pass all dimensions. Another kiss sends the sweetest sensation through my body. He’s driving me completely insane; past insanity. Shit! Sex with him is everything I look forward to. I daydream about it. He branded his mark onto my brain. I grip the sheets as his tongue dances with my clit. As he skillfully plays my body like the prodigious virtuoso I know he is. The pleasure puts me in overdrive as his tongue does all the damage to me that he wants. My head starts to spin out of control and my body feels like its floating in midair but he doesn’t slow down, his skillful tongue gets faster and faster and faster and even though I don’t want to, he pushes my body to the point of no return and everything explodes. The world is set to fire and ice. He smiles knowing that he has full control of me.

This high seems to be endless, but I gather my thoughts because now I know what I want-Him; all of him. All of his thickness and thrusts and passion and pleasure as it consumes us both. I grab him and push him down. It’s my turn. I sit atop of the glorious sight of his pulsing penis as it awaits and yearns for my wetness, for my tightness, for what is already claimed as his. He fills me and a moan slips out of the both of us. He feels so good and I could just imagine how I feel for him. I begin to ride him, up and down, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. My moans grow louder and his follow. He grabs me and brings me down to him, holds me tightly, his arms are like steal around my body and it only makes me want more. He begins to thrust upward into me as deep as he can go, as if he could go even deeper. Pleasure obliterates me and sends me out of the cosmic design. We are floating in the infinite sea of time and space, in the Unknown. And even here it all explodes as we succumb to all that passion, pleasure and pain can offer. My body trembles as if I was having a seizure. He moans the deepest moan I’ve ever heard and even though I am in complete epiphany I want more. He loosens his grip of me and pulls me to his lips and kisses me softly, “Where did you come from?” he whispers his breathing heavy. I smile, “I told you, I am not of this world.” He smiles and kisses me again and we lay in the realm of our passion.

She wanted Paris and I wanted her. “City of lights.”

Speechless. Beautifully Written.



City of lights

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part three.


This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                      City of lights

We would arrive in Paris before the noon hour. Katie was content watching Paris grow larger from the view of the train window. She smiled and winked at me and she asked me. Do you think I’m a wicked woman? I have surrender freely to the wanton need of my body and give myself without fear or regret?

I told her. We are tricking the Gods. The Gods want us to be sedated and cold-heart in the emotion of passion. They want us to fear their golden rules and hide the need of the flesh. They want us to locked our doors and know the missionary position only.  Trying to make us forget we are flesh and bones needing to awake…

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