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Felicity Johns

Cynthia rode quietly for a bit, and Stella sensed she was gathering her thoughts. “You know,” she finally said. “When I’m standing over some broken boy with a flogger in my hand, watching the welts rise on his skin, watching the tears run, the snot, watching him break,… honey, that’s an experience I don’t think there are even words for. But a transcendence of humanity comes pretty fucking close.”

~Stella (a working title)

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She wanted Paris and I wanted her. “City of lights.”

Speechless. Beautifully Written.



City of lights

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part three.


This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                      City of lights

We would arrive in Paris before the noon hour. Katie was content watching Paris grow larger from the view of the train window. She smiled and winked at me and she asked me. Do you think I’m a wicked woman? I have surrender freely to the wanton need of my body and give myself without fear or regret?

I told her. We are tricking the Gods. The Gods want us to be sedated and cold-heart in the emotion of passion. They want us to fear their golden rules and hide the need of the flesh. They want us to locked our doors and know the missionary position only.  Trying to make us forget we are flesh and bones needing to awake…

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