My Silver-Lining

I’m stuck on your smile. I’m blessed by your words. You move so deep with a smile that glows. I’m in touch with a ‘women’ who knows her worth cause it’s deftly more precious than any Silver or any Gold; or in this day and age, Currency, that’s more poor then it’s worth–thin air is it cursed.”

–Donte Chance

A man of poetry, in his own, captured my heart. He slightly pushed open a door which had recently been locked and bolted due to my own dark reasons. Sending light and warmth when I needed most. He has no hidden agenda, no parasitic quest, he has nothing of insidious origin but himself and that holds much higher than most. He reminded me of things that I didn’t know I’ve forgotten. There are people in this chaotic and twisted world who see past and far beyond the cosmetics that is poured atop of society. Mr. Chance reminded me that I am not alone in the way I see the world. I am not alone at all. He reminded me that we all fall, we all have triumphs and losses, lessons and experiences that impact us in completely different ways. His words, in its simplicity, spoke depths beyond where the eyes can even come close to seeing. In my need of mental stimulation, he eloquently chose all the right words to say to sooth my lack of productivity. For two people to have a connected stimulating conversation about Love and the pain that comes with it, for him to show so much patience was a reminder to me. Love isn’t about conquering the quest in question, it’s not about selfishness, your wants, your needs, it’s about enjoying the road to love and really appreciating what has been offered to you. Not to lose yourself in the pain. Though the sting of betrayal can be unbearable at times, even in the pain theres magic. Mr. Chance rescued a kindred, falling spirit tonight. You gave me hope, the one emotion I lacked through all my internal drama and I want to say Thank you, Donte, which means so much more than just that.

“Passion Triggers”

…I was pretty stunned myself. Intoxicated by the richness of the widely divergent cultures I had recently visited, Kirk’s provocative words and the racy idea of proud scratch marks, I was suddenly transported back to the wildness and abandon of that moment in the car. I could taste Kirk’s desire as it mixed with the blood in my veins. And in the grip of some delicious oblivion, I felt myself slide across an invisible border, where I slipped on the role of love priestess like a new silk shirt. Suddenly I had access to a vast and ancient catalog of secret tricks. My bones simply knew what to do. Sex was dancing me.

–Olivia St. Claire

Every women had a modern-day Aphrodite that lies deep within. It’s escaping the prudent boundaries that we and society set ourselves. Sex is a spiritual and deeply invigorating act where we become one–At least to me it is. Lose yourself and let go of those pointless boundaries because sex all about exploring. The face that it’s overrated and regarded and nothing less just makes it even better. We women are the most dangerous creatures known to man.. wouldn’t you agree.

Blank Page

A Word Of Substance

padPhotograph by Tom Haynes:

Dear Starkness, my old friend,

You weren’t so desperate when we first met. Your body was pregnant with the possibility of adventure. All I had to do was think and you came to life. So eager were you to expose the markings of my ink that I turned red. Now when I try, everything comes out stale. You ruined it. You made me your everything just so you could stare blankly into space while I tried. And I tried so hard.

– a crimson pen

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