Before Dawn

Absolutely brilliance! A must read.. ♥

Nicky Ann

Just before dawn
I want you to touch me

Before day breaks
I want you to hold me

Before the plants are awaken to the fresh morning dew
I want you to taste the kiss of my lips
And savour my breasts in bloom

Just before the early morning sunrays
Dance across your handsome face
I want you inside me

Before the world opens its doors
I want you to touch, hold, taste and explore… me


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A little more you



There is a world you hide
Beneath that skin of yours
A world that nobody notices
Where the words are lighter
And heart beat is calmer
A world which is an abstract
Mix of sorrows and joys
All woven together perfectly
Making it more real than you
The face for the appearance
The smile for the audience
The words perfectly timed
An actor’s perfected act
You perform stunningly on
Stage for the world to watch
But it’s when you are alone
In voids and spaces of time
The unsure you visibly comes
Out when nobody watches
That part of you lurking in
Shadows for you to relax
A little more you, real you
Making you more human

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Excite Me

Amazing. A must read.

Nicky Ann

Excite me
You know that feeling
The bubbly one inside
I have that feeling…

Wait, allow me please to slip into something more comfortable
Something like, your mind
I am stimulated by your kind
Your thought process excites me

Can I fondle your intellect?
Undress your thoughts with my eyes?
Excite me…

Deep are waters of your critical thinking
Flowing like the river Nile
Creative juices that whet my appetite
Excite me….

Inside your imagination is a rhythm and rhyme
I would like to ride on the waves of your gray matter
Excite me…

A brain I would straddle and stroke
Until our thoughts explode simultaneously
Excite me…


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Tips For Writers

Exactly my thoughts. Inspiring.

The Belle Jar

Write because you have something to say.

Write because you’ve always wanted to.

Write because you only just realized that you might die next week, or tomorrow, or five minutes from now, and you want to leave something behind for posterity.

Write because you have a secret fire burning inside of you and the only way that you can fan the flames is by sharing your thoughts with someone else.

Write because you’re bored and don’t have anything better to do.

Write for yourself.

Write for other someone else, or maybe everyone else.

Write because you love seeing your stats counter surge every time you post something. Write because nothing satisfies you quite so much as seeing others share what you’ve written. Write because you like the attention; there’s nothing wrong with liking the attention.

Write because it fills the emptiness in your heart or your soul or your pancreas…

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“A Sapphic Dream”

I LOVE the luminous poison of the moon,
The silence of illimitable seas,
Vast night, and all her myriad mysteries,
Perfumes that make the burdened senses swoon

And weaken will, large snakes who oscillate
Like lovely girls, immense exotic flowers,
And cats who purr through silk-enfestooned bowers
Where white-limbed women sleep in sumptuous state.

My soul e’er dreams, in such a dream as this is,
Visions of perfume, moonlight and the blisses
Of sexless love, and strange unreached kisses.”

–George Moore

“The Triumph of the Flesh”

 We have passed from the regions of dreams and of vision. And the flesh is the flesh and the rose is the rose. And we see but the absolute joy of the present in the Sunlight of beauty. I am filled with carniverious lust: like a tiger, I crouch and I feed on my beautiful prey: There is nought in the monsterious world of Astarte so fair as thy body. Let me lie, Let me die on thy snow-coloured bosom. I would eat of thy flesh as a delicate fruit, I am drunk of it’s smell, and the scent of thy tresses is a flame that devours. Thou art demon and God, thou art hell, thou art Heaven, thou art love that is lust, thou art lust that is love, And I see but the heavenly grace of thy body, A picture–“

–George Moore


My absolute poison … I love this poem!

Wine and Tobacco

I fall into bed
At 2 a.m, intoxicated
You smile and stroke
The thin hairs that line my cheeks
Then pull me closer
Your legs are intertwined
With my own
And as the sole of your foot
Rests on my calf
You read aloud
Your favourite poets
From Plath to Blake
The room still spins
But it is you
That I’m drunk on now

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